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Self-Defense Training Isn’t Close to Being Banned, Why Should Firearms Be?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Dr. Ignatius Piazza offer self defense training of the highest caliber. With several hand-to-hand, open-hand, and blade defense courses to take, a graduate of their full self defense program would be a self-defending genius. He would likely never have to worry about an average hand-to-hand confrontation or brawl. It is entirely within the realm of reason to say that someone with Front Sight’s self defense training would never be overwhelmed by an average unarmed assailant.

The same and more can be said of Front Sight’s gun training. Gun training really is nothing more than self defense training. By showing an individual what a gun can do, how it can be predicted to respond in certain situations, and what its capabilities are, an individual can better protect himself or those around him in the event of a dangerous situation involving a gun. Self defense training is something that no person would ever really consider unnecessary or even pass up, given a good opportunity.

It follows then that gun training, self defense training in the realm of firearms, should be equally valued. Why, then, are politicians and lawmakers attempting to restrict our rights to bear firearms and guns? Yes, the training is free from restrictions, but what good is getting training in something if the tools for the execution of it is restricted by law? Gun training, firearm training and self defense training are all necessary parts of life. Front Sight offers the world’s finest self defense training, whether involving guns and firearms or open-hand.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a firm advocate in self defense training. He founded Front Sight with the intention of getting all of America educated in proper self defense training. He is achieving that goal and doing a remarkable job, thousands of times a year.

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