Front Sight

Handgun Training Available for All

Handgun training is one of the many courses that Front Sight offers at its Las Vegas, Nevada training grounds. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is America's leader in the gun training industry. Annually, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students than all other shooting schools in America combined.

The founder and director of Front Sight is the kind of person you like to hear about heading up a shooting school. Dr. Ignatius Piazza led a life of service and compassion as a chiropractor. Then, one night, he – along with the other residents of his neighborhood – was made the victim of a drive-by shooting. There was no target in mind for this random act of violence, only destruction of hard-won fruits of a moral life. Dr. Piazza, having taken cover on the floor of his living room had a realization that night. He came to realize that if that random attack had become a home invasion, he would have had no way of protecting himself.

This set him off on a mission. His mission was to find as much gun training and as much firearms training as humanly possible. His seeking brought him to the doorsteps of the world's leading gun training instructors of the time. Over the course of several years, and countless hours, weeks and months of drilling, Dr. Piazza was an expert in Pistol, Special Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle, certified and accredited.

But through his training, he discovered a certification unlike anything else. The Four Weapons Combat Master test was one that would push any gun user to the brink, and would truly require gun training and firearms training unlike anything else in the world. After more grueling practice sessions, finally Dr. Piazza finished all the gun training he needed and passed the test to receive the certification for Four Weapons Combat Master, becoming the second person to ever do so. One can see why Dr. Piazza is the kind of man you want delivering your handgun training, or rifle training, or shotgun training.

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