Front Sight

Front Sight: A Haven For Shooters

Front Sight leads the industry in training students in safe, effective gun use.  Even after the writing of this article in London Times, Front Sight is still leading the entire field of gun training.  Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight continue to amaze critics and students alike, his pro-active method flying in the face of most conservative viewpoints and ideals.

Front Sight has made huge steps toward becoming the haven described in this article, it now contains the firing ranges forecasted years ago, and now contains the finest training grounds for any gun user, no matter their level of expertise.  As mentioned, Front Sight is a world-class resort.  Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s goal for Front Sight was to have a place where students can travel to, without needing attention on where to sleep, eat and live while receiving world-class gun training unlike anything on the planet.

Front Sight is now just that: a world-class resort located very near Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.; Front Sight trains more students annually than all other shooting schools in the U.S. combined.  Front Sight and Dr. Piazza are empowering students at a breakneck speed, his numbers are continually on the rise, and his students are gaining knowledge at phenomenal paces.

Front Sight has developed from a small, nearly unheard-of institute to a world-class resort and training haven.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is regularly attended by men, women, children, celebrities, professionals, police officers, military personnel; active and retired, and people from all other imaginable walks of life.  Front Sight is showing to thousands of students every year that, “Any gun will do – if you will do!”

 Front Sight in London Times Article